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Affiliate Tracking Script

Technology: ASP, JScript
Database: MS ACCESS
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $34.50

ICAffiliateTracking - Affiliate tracking script or resellers program script. Affiliates can take banner code and put it on his site. The script tracks clicks from affiliates and counts the amount of clicks done by each site. Site owner makes the payment based on the amount of clicks received from affiliates site.

Affiliates Panel
- Affiliates can login to the system and view the amount of clicks according to each day.
- View payments and current balance.
- Change account details.
- View the amount of visits for each month.

Administrator Panel
- Affiliates -  Administrator can view the list of affiliates and edit their details.
- Payments - The administrator can view the payments history - to which affiliate the payment is going and the way the payment was maid.
- Visits - Administrator can view the amount of visits to the site according to each affiliate.
- Balance - Administrator can change the pay per click rate and see the payments that are due to affiliates.
- Pay - Administrator can pay the affiliates on the site with pay-pal or choose to pay them out side of the system - then he will need to enter the reference number.

Main Features:

  • Affiliates registration
  • Banner HTML code
  • Tracking of clicks
  • PayPal payments
  • Reports