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Auto Dealer Car Sales PHP Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 2.2
License: GNU GPL
Price: $58.98

ICAutosales is a powerful, highly customizable classifieds script for auto sales sites. It is written in PHP with MySQL. Due to its easy manageable  interface and its great amount of features it is an excellent choice if you need a cars, boats, or motorcycles classifieds website.

Site users can search for new and used cars or bikes, can view the top 5 models and set email alerts in order to get notified when new vehicles are advertised on the site. Advertisers can register and advertise their cars and bikes, manage their ads and view selling tips and other articles about selling vehicles.

There are 2 types of vehicle searches on the site: regular search where the site user can some search critirias like model ext. and there is also an advanced search page where the site user can enter more specific details.
Site users can enjoy the articles and researches that are on the site and get lots of information that the site administrator entered.

Administrator Panel
- Private Sellers - Administrator can view and manage the private sellers who are registered on the site. Administrator can edit their details, activate and suspend them.
- Deallers - The administrator can also manage the dellers that advertise their vehicles on the site.
- List of Advertisres - Administrator can view the list of advertisers on the site and see if they are deallers or sellers.
- Static Pages - Administrator can edit the content of the static pages on the site. This includes all research pages, special offers and about us pages.
Options - Under the option tab the administrator can define and manage the general and basic issues on the site.
Admin Options
- General - Administrator can edit and change the administrators email address where all admin emails are sent to.
- Change Password - Administrator can edit account password.
- Letter Templates - Here the Administrator can edit the text in the email that are sent out automatically on the site when a new member is added and more.
 Banners Management - Administrator can manage the advertising banners on each page on the site and define the banner source and where on the page the banner will be.
Vehicle Options
Administrator can manage lists that will be viewed on the search pages and also when advertisers define the vehicles information:
- Makes - Administrator can define the makes and the car brands.
- Car Types - Administrator can also define and mange the car types that will appear on the site.
- Colors - Administrator is able to manage a list of colors.
- Additional Features - Administrator can manage a features list.
- States - Administrator can define a list of states and locations.
Page Options
Administrator can define lists that will appear on specific pages on the site: Deallers List, Auto services, Car valuations, Bike valuations.

Main Features:

  • Users/Dealers registration
  • Posting cars/bikes inventory
  • Special offers
  • Powerful cars/bikes search
  • CMS for site pages
  • Administration Panel
  • Banners Management