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Business Directory ASP.NET Script

Technology: ASP.NET 2.0
Database: MSSQL 2005
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $39.98

ICDirectory is a directory site ASP.NET script made for US and Canada businesses. It may be used for different types of businesses: restaurants, doctors, contractors and many others. Visitors may search for a business by zip code and get a qoute. Providers may register and should be approved by site administrator.

There are 2 types of members that can register on the site: Providers and HomeOwners.

Provider Panel
- My Company Details - Edit contact information and company description. 
- My Services (Job Types) - Check all services the company provides.
- My Territory - Edit the geographic area where prefered to work.
- My Testimonials - see the Testimonials submitted about company. 
- My logo - view company logo that is displayed on the site.

HomeOwners can login and change account profile.

Administrator Panel
Admin can manage category hierarchy and add links to the categories via the extensive Admin Control Panel that comes with ICDirectory. All links can then be searched with the intelligent search facility at fast speeds.
Manage Providers - Administrator can add, delete and manage the companies / providers that appear on the site.
Manage Categories - Administrator can manage the categories tree and change categories according to site inventory.
Approve Reviews - Administrator can view reviews written on the site and decide if to display them or not.

Main Features:

  • Search by zipcode
  • Providers registration
  • Get a Quote
  • Admin Panel