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Web Reporting ASP.NET Site

Technology: ASP.NET 2.0 C#
Database: MSSQL 2005
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $37.98

ICConferenceReporting is a conference booking and reporting web application where companies can book conference dates and rooms, manage their bookings and order transcripts of the speeches , they can update their personal details, and change password, reschedule their bookings,  use the document vault, manage client details, and assistants list. Users can be notified by mail on every step of the system: booking request is confirmed, order request is confirmed, etc.

Reporters may view a list of bookings to consolidate and update the data, and can upload transcripts of speeches.

There are 3 types of site users: Administrators, Reporters, Representatives each one of them has a separate panel where they can view and manage information. There is also the full admin account that can control the site users and all other things on the site.

Reporter Panel
Ordered Transcripts
- Transcripts  - View ordered transcripts with option to upload transcripts.
Consolidate Today's Booking
- Booking Consolidation - View all bookings.

Representative Panel
Future Bookings
- View List.
- View Calendar.
- Request a Booking.
Case History
- Search.
- Ordered Transcripts - View the list with an option to download the transcripts.
- Info & Settings - Here representitives acn define the email alerts they will get and to what email address it will be sent.
- Document Vault - Manage documents.

Administrator Panel
- View Todays Bookings - Can view a list of all todays booking with length, location and all other details.
- Consolidate Requests - can view all booking requests.
- Edit Day Availability - can choose a day and define the availability options for specific times.
- Booking Request - can add, edit and request bookings.
Case History
- Search Archives.
- Reporter Pay - can choose a reporter and define if he paid or not.
- Orders - View a list of orders.
- Consolidate Bookings.
- Billings.
Database Access
- Manage Representatives.
- Manage Assistants.
- Manage Companies.
- Manage Users and Users Status.

Main Features:

  • Client registration
  • Booking conferences
  • Ordering transcripts and downloading them
  • Internal messaging between client and administrator/reporter
  • Approving bookings/orders/users
  • Advanced searches both on administrator and client panel
  • Uploading transcripts