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Doctor Appointment Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MYSQL
Version: 1.3
License: GNU GPL
Price: $59.98

ICDoctor Appointment is an online doctor appointment script. Site users can view doctors, view availability and book doctor appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments.

Site Users:
Users can book a doctor appointment by:
- choosing a specialization they want to book a doctor appointment.
- choosing a doctor form the list of doctors.
- clicking the date and time they need the appointment.
- entering personal information.
users will receive an email with all appointments details.

Admin Panel:
Administrator can:
- Manage specialization.
- Manage doctors.
- Manage shifts.
- Manage days of work.
- Manage appointment periods.

- View a list of appointments, and cancel them.
- View history appointments.
- Edit email templates.

Main Features:

  • User chooses a specialization and doctor.
  • User selectes date and time.
  • User fills in personal information.
  • Admin can view and manage appointments.
  • Manage doctors.
  • Manage appointment period.