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Equipment Renting Bookings Database ASP.NET Script

Technology: ASP.NET
Database: MSSQL
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $57.98

ICEquipmentRenting - Equipment Renting Bookings Database  is a script where it is possible to enter and manage an equipment systems, see the monthly schedule and organize it- add bookings and manage them, view booking details and update them, search the bookings, view and manage models, manage invoices, update clients details and insurances, manage assets, view different kinds of reports and much much more.

Member Panel:
- Schedule - Member can view a detailed calendar for each day with all systems and the members schedule marked on them. Member can view and search systems, start the calendar from another date, add bookings, print schedule in print version and filter the bookings.
- Client Index - Member can view a list of all client with their details and search according to insurance status. Member can also view client reports.
- Booking Types (Legend) - Member can edit and change the legend list where every booking type is marked with a different color.
- Deliveries / Returns - Member can search deliveries and returns during the next amount of days (amount to be defined).
- System Index - Member can manage the list of systems, view system reports, enable or disable systems and view system summaries.
- System Types - Member can manage a list of system types.
- System Descriptions - Manage a list of system descriptions.
- Move Systems - Member can move systems from one list to another.
- Stock report - Member can view a stock report where each equipment is listed with the amount according to equipment location and ownership is displayed.
- Asset Index - Member can view a list of assets with asset model, serial numbers... and view location reports.
- Searches and Management - Member can view manage lists of assets and equipments according to criteria.

Administrator Panel:
Admin can manage all of the members options and also can:
- Locations - Manage locations list.
- Users - Manage users list.
- Asset types.
- Asset Modules.
- Update pins.
- Lessors.
- Leases
- View Reports - Administrator can view forecast reports, Utilisation Reports, Location Reports and more.

Main Features:

  • Equipment systems and parts
  • Different types of bookings
  • Graphic renting schedule
  • Moving equipment between locations
  • Reports