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MLM software script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 2.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $88.98

ICMLM Script is a multi-level marketing software with 3 types of marketting structures.
- Unlimited matrix - every user can have an unlimites amount of legs.
- Defined Matrix - every user can have an X amount of lega and the comissions will go down Y amount of levels.
- Binary system - each user can have only 2 legs, 5 types of bonuses.

On all types there are weekly commissions calculation and auto-shipping orders.

during product installation the site administrator can set what type to have on the site.

For Unlimited and Matrix types:

3 types of commissions:
1. $25 per each referred person who pays the enrollment and the first monthly payment.
2. Every week the system will calculate the commissions and give 20% from the sales of the first level, 5% from the second and 10% from the third.
3. The hierarchies are made in base on invoiced in all of his/her net. So we have:
from $0 to $9999 is called BROKER;
from 10000 to 24999 is called SILVER
from 25000 to 49999 is called GOLD; finally
from 50000 an on is called DIAMOND
Besides all DIAMONDS received 1% of total world invoice, month after month.

For Binary System:

Participants Ranks:
Dealer - Rank after registration
Bronze Dealer - To become a bronze dealer at least 500 bv needs to purchased.
Silver Dealer - To become a bronze dealer at least 1000 bv needs to purchased, and 1 bronze dealer is required.
Gold Dealer - 2 Sliver dealers are reuired.
Supervisor - 2 golds dealers are required.

There are 5 types of commissions:

BV (Bonus Value):
This is the bonus value that is set for each product, when purchasing products and making orders the more bv is collected.

Team Bonus:
Compares the bv of each one of the legs and then if the weeker leg is over 250 he will get a % according to his rank.

Silver : 10%
Gold, Director, Master, Grand master : 15%
Qualification : minimum 500BV on each group.
Maximun : $ 10,000

Team bonus is adding his left and right leg sales volume. ( Placement Under /Enroller Tree)
Do not add his own BV.

For Example:
Case 1:
Left : 350 BV Right : 9000 BV
Silver : 0 Gold : 0 Director : 0 Master : 0 GM : 0
Carry Over : Left 350, Right 9000
Can NOT get the Team bonus because Left BV is NOT over 500BV
Both BV will carry over to Next week cycle.

Case 2:
Left : 950 BV Right : 3000 BV
Team bonus will calculate by Left BV 950 (Weak leg)
Silver : 950 X 10% = $ 95
Gold, Director, Master, GM : 950 X 15% = $ 142.50
Carry Over : Left 0, Right 2050

Case 3:
Left : 23000 BV Right : 1255 BV
Team bonus will calculate by Right BV 1255 (Weak leg)
Silver : 1255 X 10% = $ 125.50
Gold, Director, Master, GM : 1255 X 15% = $ 188.25
Carry Over : Left 21745, Right 0

Which leg is over 500 BV, then he will get team bonus and one leg should be 0 BV after
If both leg BV is NOT over 500 BV, then he can NOT get the team bonus and will carry over
both of them

Uni-Level Bonus (ULB):
ULB is the award you receive from the sales achievements of the Dealers you have directly
sponsored. You may place any dealer you sponsored at any location under your
organization. Depending on your organizational level, you are also eligible to receive 5% to 10%
Bonus awards from the sales of the off springs of the dealers
you have directly sponsored as is shown in the chart below.

Check Matching Bonus (CMB)
CMB is the award received towards the Team Bonus received by the dealers you have
directly sponsored. CMB is awarded to Gold level distributors and up. The percentage is 10%
which is awarded by levels which are decided by $225.00 TB bonus location. The first level is comprised by A and B who respectively have received $225 and
$300. This level is considered first because it is the first level which show TB above $225.

First level means first level that shows TB of $225 and up. The next level that
shows $225 is actually the third in order but it is considered second level. Gold Directors are
entitled to receive CMB up to the second level therefore Gold Director receives 10% from all
CMB from second level up. In this example, ($225, $300, $150+$150+ $50+$225+ $150, =
$1250 x 10%) In succession, depending on your organizational position you are entitled to
receive CMB from 4th, 5th or 7th level.

5% of the sales total is shared amongst Grand Masters whose weaker leg sales is at least 200,000 BV. Each Grand Master’s share will be directly in proportion to their weaker leg BV. 

For Example of Fujisan Bonus : 
Total sales of this month is 1,500,000 BV.
1,500,000 BV  X  5 %  =    $ 75,000
Member “A” has the 240,000 BV on left and 500,000 BV on right. So, weak group volume is 240,000.  That’s why 240,000 BV will be calculated.
Other Member “B” has the 300,000 BV on left and 200,000 BV on right. So, weak group volume is 200,000.  That’s why 200,000 BV will be calculated.
Total of both weak legs is 440,000  ( A group 240,000 + B group 200,000)
Member “A”   :   240,000 / 440,000 = 54.54%
Member “B”   :   200,000 / 440,000 = 45.45%
Member “A”  :  Member “B” = 240,000 : 200,000 =  6 : 5 = 54.54% : 45.45%
Member “A” will take 54.54% of $ 75,000. That is $ 40,905
Member “B” will take 45.45% of $ 75,000. That is $ 34,087

Member Panel
- Products - A partner can login and view the list of products on sale, add products to cart and pay for products.
Partners can also view and purchase product packages.
- My Orders - Partner can view the list of the orders with the availability to search according to order date.
- Tree - Partner can view a graphical and tabular genealogy tree of him self and participants below him.
- Clients - Partner can view a list of his clients - (partners below him on the tree).
- Commissions - Partner can view a list of his commissions according to week number, the list is divided according to the commission type.
- Organize Under Members - On this page participant can add members to his tree and choose if it will be to the right or left side.
- Auto Ship - Partner can set monthly and annually orders he will receive.

Admin Panel
- Site Settings - On this page admin can define some variables the site will use such as the bonus maximum value and define registration fee.
- Static Pages - On this page the admin can define the content of pages.
- Countries - Admin can manage the country list.

- Admins - Admin can manage the list of users with admin permissions.
- Clients - Admin can view and manage the clients on the site.
- Partners - Admin can view a list of all partners that are registered on the site.
- Partner Ranks - Admin can manage the list of ranks (partner level).
- Tree - Admin can view the tree of all partners.

- Products Management - Admin can manage the products with product name, description, prices and more.
- Package Types - Admin can create package types.
- Packages - Admin can manage the products in every package.

- Payment Settings - Admin can manage the payment types available on the site.
- Shipping Companies - Admin can manage the shipping companies that will be available on the site.
- Transactions - Admin can view the list of transactions.
- Auto ship - Admin can view a list of all set auto ships.
- Taxes - Admin can manage a tax list according to country.
- Orders - Admin can view all order and filter by dates and type.

- Commissions - Admin can view a list of users with the users commissions.
- Calculate Commissions - Admin can start a commission calculation.

- Emails Management - Admin can manage the email templates.

- Languages - Admin can manage the list of languages that will be available on the site.
- Constants - Admin can view the wording for each language.

- Reports - Admin can view a list of reports such as: Phone Book, Sales & Orders, Inventory, Tree, Partners, Commissions, Taxes, Partners Position, Partner Level, Income Statement.
- Autoships - Admin can view a list of all autoships needed to be sent out.

Main Features:

  • 3 Systems in 1 package: you can choose the system during installation.
  • Types Are: Binary, unlimited and matrix plan where the x and y can be set by the administrator.
  • Complex marketing plan
  • 5 types of bonuses
  • Graphical presentation of downline (binary tree)
  • Integrated e-Commerce to buy products online
  • Weekly commissions calculation
  • UPS shipping calculation
  • Sales taxes calculation
  • Heavy reporting in Admin Panel
  • Printing of checks