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PHP Script voor JobsSite

Technologie: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Versie: 1.1
Licentie: GNU GPL
Prijs: €34.98

Aan de hand van deze script kunt u makkelijk een website voor jobs opbouwen of  een module met vrije jobs toevoegen aan uw site. Gebruikers kunnen solliciteren naar een job in 5 stappen. De administrateur kan de kandidaten checken en hun cv's uitzoeken.

ICJobSite is a job site script where job-seekers can browse and apply for jobs by following the 5 step resume poster and employers or job recruiters to post their Jobs or view resumes. Administrator can manage the full site from administrator panel.

Job Seekers can view a list of available positions, the list includes: Job title, description, name of company and the date the position was advertised.
By clicking the job title it is possible to view a job the job with more details and start posting a resume. To post a resume the site user will have to fill out a 5 page form that includes:
1. Personal Details.
2. Training.
3. Employers and Functions.
4. Motivation.
5. Overview.

Administrator Panel
- View Site - Administrator can view the site by clicking the 'view site' link.
- My Account - Change account password.
- General Settings - Administrator can define the company name, website url and administrator email address. Site administrator can also choose if to display the current date on the site, what will be the default page of the site and turn the site on and off.
- Site Preferences - Administrator can define the text that will appear on the site header and footer, and text on main page meta tags.
Menus Management
- Add New Menu - Administrator can add menus that will appear on the left side bar of the site pages.
- Edit Menus - Administrator can edit the existing menus.
Pages Management
- Add New Page - Administrator can add new pages to the site and define the text and the page meta tags.
- Edit HomePage - Administrator can edit and change the text that will appear on the sites home page.
- Edit Pages - Any page that was added can be edited and changed.
Jobs Management
- Add new position - Administrator can add new positions and define the job title and job description.
- Positions Management - Administrator can view a list of all jobs and choose to edit each job.
- New Candidates - Administrator can see a list of all candidates, view their details and choose to accept or decline them.
Backup and Restore
- Backup Installation - Administrator can choose a date to refer the backup to, and then download a backup file.
- Restore Backup - administrator can restore the system from a backup file.

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