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Real Estate site script - ASP.NET AJAX

Technology: ASP.NET, AJAX
Database: MSSQL
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $34.98

ICRealestate - This script is a real estate site script with networking elements. Site users can search properties and register to advertise.

Registered members have their own panel where they can view and manage information.

Member Panel
Account Settings - Includes phone and email, billing information, password change and an option to close account.
Upload - Image upload area where the member can upload as many pictures wanted 3 at a time.
Manage Properties - Member can add new properties and define rooms for each property.
Grant Access - If member needs to grant an insurance company access to any of the property information, the member will define which property and rooms he wishes to grant access to, the member can then choose the insurance company. The insurance company will be contacted with a special link which will provide them with the access to the specified information for a period
of 3 months.
Primary Residence - Under this section the member will be able to view all properties with all the rooms in it and all the images uploaded with the option to change all data.

Administrator Panel
- In admin panel site administrator can search customers list with an advanced search engine.
- Different possibilities of filtering and sorting.
- View and update customers personal details and property details.
- Admin can add new user account by entering all required details, and can give user diffrent permissions.

Main Features:

  • Properties may be posted by owners and administrators
  • Option to attach multiple pictures and video files
  • User can grant access for his properties to another users
  • Advanced search
  • Administration panel