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Dutch Auction Script

Технологии: PHP5.0 OOP
База данных: MySQL
Версия: 1.1
Лицензия: GNU GPL
Цена: €90.00

ICDutchAuction is a form of classic so-called Dutch tulip auctions where the price of the product is reduced the whole time until someone buys it. 

On ICDutchAuction the current price is hidden from the participant until the participant scratch the auction. Then the participant will see the current price. Every time someone scratch the auction the price is lowered.

So the more people that scratch the auction the faster the price will drop. You need to have the courage to wait for a really good and low price - but do not wait too long because then maybe someone else purchase the product before you!

Основные характеристики:

  • Users register and pay for participation
  • User control panel.
  • Easy bidding process.
  • Powerfull admin panel