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Project bidding script

Технологии: PHP5
База данных: MySQL
Версия: 1.1
Лицензия: GNU GPL
Цена: €59.90

ICProjectBidding is a script to create a project marketplace website such as rent a coder, get a coder, gur... The interface uses 2 languages and can be run to offer registered members to advertise and manage projects.The site uses paypal for payments. Service provider gets money only after project is completed and project owner confirms.

There are 2 types of members on the site: Project owners and Service providers.

Service providers Account
The service providers are the members who bid and participate in project auctions, they have a personal control panel where they can view and manage information:
- Service provide can save projects to his personal watch list and view the saved projects at a later time.
- service provider can also save specefic items to the item watch list.
- service provider can view projects he participated in with the bid amount, date and other details.
- service provider can view the list of projects he has won.
- Manage feedbacks - view and send feedbacks to others.

Project owners Account
Project owners have their own control panel where they can:
- View account balance.
- Edit Personal Profile.
- Manage project notification e-mails - project owners can choose to get project email alerts or not.
- View projects according to project status: pending, closed, suspended, sold.
- View winners details - Owners can select the winner from the list of bidders.
- Manage feedbacks.
- The project owner can also participate in projects and can control projects just like a user with provider membership.
- Project owner has a personal message board where he can view messages sent to him and send messages to others.

Administrator Panel
- Membership Levels - Define the member levels with the level icon and the amount of needed points .
- Membership Fee - Edit the registration fee.
- Auction Duration.
- Payment Methods.
- Country List.
- Picture Upload - Define the max uploaded image size.
- Category Tree - Manage and edit the categories and sub categories.
- Currencies Settings.
- Time Settings.
- Dates Format.
- Default country.
- Show counters - Define if site counters will display on page header or not, site counters are: Active auctions, Registered users, Online users.
- Multilingual support.
- Categories Sorting.
- Users Authentication.
- HTML meta Tags.
- Contact the seller - enable or disable contacting seller button.
Graphic Interface
- Theme - Can choose between 2 theme options.
- General Layout Settings - lets the site administrator define some layout - settings.
- Fonts.
- Colors.
- Thumbnails - define size of: Auctions Lists Thumbnails, Home Page Thumbnails and Categories Thumbnails.
- Enable / Disable.
- Banner Related Settings.
- Banners Administration.
- Add New admin user.
- Admin users management - Add, edit, delete accounts.
- User sign up settings - set to include credit card details during registration or not and define the member bonuses.
- Acceptance Text
- Newsletter - Enable / Disable newsletter checkbox.
- Newsletter Submission - Who will get the newletter, newsletter content.
- Winners address in e-mails.
- Auction Extension Settings - View all auction settings.
- View Open, Closed and Suspended projects.
- Transactions
- Withdrawals
- Mass Payments
- News Management
- About Us Page
- Terms & Conditions Page
- FAQs Categories
- New FAQ
- Manage FAQs
- Settings
- View Access Statistics.
- Under Maintenance Page - Administrator can temporary disable the access to the site if necessary. In Maintenance mode only one user will have access to the site. After switching the site to Maintenance mode the login will be on this page.
The "Under Maintenance" text is usually a custom HTML page which can be edited on this page.
- Words Filter - Possibility to eliminate undesired words from auction titles, auction descriptions and messages on the site.

Основные характеристики:

  • Project owners must pay membership fee
  • Escrow payments
  • Power admin panel