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Tutoring site script

Технологии: PHP5
База данных: MySQL
Версия: 1.1
Лицензия: GNU GPL
Цена: €44.06

ICTutors is a script for building an online school where students register for classes according to a specific subject. Students can view professors time chart where they can book lessons and when the lesson time comes the students and professors both login to the class room and can chat together. Payments are done with paypal.

Administrator Panel
- Administrators - Manage users with admin permissions.
- Professors - Manage professors.
- Students - Manage students.
- Subjects - manage class and lesson subjects.
- Classes - Administrator can view all classes booked by students with the date, time professor...
- Time Zones - Manage time zones.
- Time configuration - Set lesson periods 15 or 30 minutes.
- Products - Manage the products and product prices.
- Referrals.
- Promo Codes.
- Email - Administrator can send emails to all students/professors.
- Groups - Manage groups.
- Categories - Manage categories.
- Discounts Logic.
- Professors Logic.
- Negative Balance.
- Subjects discount.
- Requests - Administrator can view all lesson requests made by students.
- Setting - Administrator can define some basic site variables.

Основные характеристики:

  • Students/Professors registration
  • Online Calendars by subject
  • Complex logic to match professors to students, including constraints edited by administrator
  • Lesson in chat
  • Complex admin panel
  • Discounts by parameters and constraints edited by administrator