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Students Course Assessment Test Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 1.2
License: GNU GPL
Price: $42.98

ICStudents software is a Students Course Assessment Test script , students can register, download study material and take exams- system will mark the exams and student can graduate courses, administrator can create exams, manage students and courses.

Student site - Registered student can login the site with their username and: 
-Personal information - student can update his personal information.
-Courses - student can view a list of courses he is registered to and can register to more courses.
-Exams - student can view 2 lists: a list of “My exams” and a “Exam List”, student will see all exams he took and their marks. If the mark is higher than C student is allowed to view his answers and the correct answers.
-Practice exams - student can practice exams before taking an exam.
-Messages - student can send messages to administrator, can get messages from administrator, can replay messages, forward messages and can view his inbox and sent messages.  

Admin Panel-
Administrators have several options:
-Account Manager - manage administrators and students.
-Courses - add new courses, upload study material, and view for every course list of exams, and list of registered students and their exams.
-Exams - add new exams, practice exams and import exams form course to course, adding question (different types of question: single option, yes/no, true/false, multi options, and questions with sub question) and answers. View exam preview, and view grades.
-Students Exams - can view exams students took, edit grade scale and override wait.
-Messages - view inbox, sent messages and can replay and forward messages.

Main Features:

  • Students register courses
  • Students download study materials
  • Practice Exams
  • Exams
  • Messages