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Support Tickets Helpdesk PHP Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MySQL
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $45.98

ICHelpDesk is a script for remote technical support. Client can register, and purchase support package. When he has a problem he can open ticket and get support. Technician may watch tickets, provide support using "Logmein rescue" software and report hours, he spent. Administrator can create technician accounts and manage other of the application.

With this script, it is possible to:
- Self Service Portal - Let end users submit service requests via simple online forms.
- Sort, search through, and deal with service requests using an efficient methodology.
- Print reports on the state of help desk.
- Communicate with users via Email and instant messages.
- Utilize various features such as escalation, automatic notifications, a knowledgebase, and more.
- Manage and monitor organization's inventory.

Script includes a solid administration platform allowing to set various parameters of the applications with at most ease.
Create custom fields that can either be used internally or filled in by the customer/user. Each custom field can be set to one or multiple department it belongs.

Ideal for growing companies that want to reduce customer support costs by providing customers various sources to find answers and raise queries that they can easily track.

Every action on a ticket by any member of the application is tracked.

ICHelpDesk provides a no-nonsense tickets management page that would let admins and staff members to track every ticket efficiently.

Main Features:

  • Clients registration
  • Clients purchase support packages
  • Technicians provide support using "Logmein rescue" software
  • Administrator can create packages and technicians accounts
  • Chat and conversation log