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ICSurvey- Survey Creating Script

Technology: PHP5
Database: MYSQL
Version: 1.1
License: GNU GPL
Price: $40.70


This script is a site you can create and take track of surveys.

Admin can create survey, users will answer them and admin could view the answers.


User site:

Users can register and answer all surveys or can not register and can answer only logged out surveys.


All users can:

-view on home page a list of all surveys: logged in surveys, and logged out surveys.

-view a list of the survey themes.

-view a list of the surveys he can answer:

Not registered user can answer only logged out surveys.

            Register users can answer survey that are under the themes he is registered to and he didn’t answer them yet.

A registered user can also:

-update his personal information.

- register more themes.

Main Features:

  • creating surveys
  • Logged in surveys
  • Logged out surveys
  • view users surveys answers