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Time attendance script

Technology: ASP.NET 2.0 C#
Database: MSSQL 2005
Version: 1.0
License: GNU GPL
Price: $57.10

ICTimeAttendance is a web based time attendance script, work hours system that can save you hours of paperwork and frustration. All employees will get their own username and password then they can login to enter work hours. System will ask for start time, end time and project name. Users have the option to enter comments describing the task at hand. Total hours will be shown at each row and also on the bottom. Users can view hours of previous weeks and add entries for specific days.

Company administrator can then find all in one place. All projects, all hours spent and anything else you decide to log, is clearly time and date stamped and commented.

Employee Area:

Enter Hours - On this page site user can view all hours and insert start time, end time, job task and select the project worked on.
By selecting a day in the list and clicking the add button - a row for that day will be added where more hours can be entered - the system will of course check that the hours do not overlap for the same day.
User can use the printable version to print the hours out and can also view hours of previous weeks.

Admin Area:

Projects - On this page admin can manage all projects with the client name, start date, stage and status.
Clients - Clients manager that includes first name, last name, email, address and other personal details.
Countries - Manage a country list.
Payments - Admin can view and manage the payments made to the company.
Invoices - Admin can create and manage invoices.
Payment Rates - Admin can manage payment rates.
Project Stages - Admin can manage a list of project stages that can then be used for the projects.
Payment Types - Admin can define payment methods and currencies.
Employees - Admin can manage a list of employees including all employee details.
Users - Manage a list of site users, each user will be assigned to an employee.
Summary - On this page admin can view a report of all hours for all employees and can the task that was worked on.
Hours By employee - admin can view and check hours according to employee, by selecting the correct dates and employee - the system will generate a report where all hours will be shown. Admin can print this report.
Hours by Project - Admin can view a list of all hours for a specific project, by selecting the project and dates - the system will show all hours for the selected project with a total amount. Printable version is available.
Edit Hours for Employees - only administrator users can edit employee hours of previous weeks.

Main Features:

  • Employee enters work hours
  • Staff gets hour reports according to employee, project or client